International Intrigue and Outreach

For the month of January I used an inexpensive paid Stumbleupon application to steer potential visitors to my blog and tracked the results. Some information, like the fact that the highest usage age category of Stumblers is 17-25 years old, was expected. Other stats for instance; there were six hundred travelers from 69 countries outside North America who spent between 4 seconds and 22 minutes viewing this site, were surprising. There were visitors from every single continent and countries that have always sparked my imagination.

The top three categories searched by viewers were Self Improvement, Women’s Issues, and Quotes. Of the 890 women that visited the site 50% clicked like, as did 33% of the 680 men. All of this, has brought a burning curiosity to my homebound mind, that has nothing to do with numbers of blog subscriptions.

First, I am hugely grateful for the opportunity to think about something other than the latest evidence of continuing daily decline in my beloved ‘girls’.  AND I DO want to improve the relevancy of this blog, so that it is inspiringly authentic about end of life care-giving issues.

I would love to hear from you. I wonder about who you are and what your lives are like. I am curious to know what you DO find on the internet that furthers your self discovery and understanding about the world. I wonder if some of you are housebound like I am, and use the internet as a way to feel connected to something larger than your own troubles. How do you experience care-giving, either as a provider or recipient of care? What nourishes your ability to stay present, and do all that is required without losing yourselves in the process?

It occurs to me that I would like to start an international dialogue about promoting living and dying fully with awareness, dignity, and peace. I hope anyone who stops by, whether a regular reader or guest, will feel free to share an insight or two about themselves, or an experience they have had in an effort to promote human understanding about this birth life death life continuum. Although I am looking for shared participation rather than opinions/philosophies, all are welcome. Whoever you are and wherever you find yourself today, may you uncover peace and blessings in your journey.